Choosing From Our Overlaping Futures


When we do sufficient psychological probing and confront our own latent shadows and sticky beliefs, we open up the psychic body. When we spike our energy body through extraordinary experiences that dislodge our normal perceptual vantage point- managed sympathetic adrenal floods to open our sense apertures, psychedelics, focused stress, etc. - we allow a new level of embodied perception to penetrate the subtle body. We merge our organic form with or energetic overlay or aura. This coupled with a purifying practice and devotional humbling frame, and we are on the right path.

When we do so, we unlock DNA sequences that in turn affect perception and allow for deeper and wider apprehension of all objects of focus. This begets a poetic knowing state where a synchronistic method of apprehending is achieved. We hear, see, feel and experience with the body whatever we come into contact with, whether it be an internal projection or external one. There is little difference. The inner and outer cosmos are mirrors that fold in and meet each other in the human nexus where consciousness is embodied and ultimately just a reflection.

So! Now that we understand how to expand and grow and have begun our practice, we must look to our mundane world. The entire world system on this planet is undergoing a seismic shift across all systems. Inter belief structures and external systems of power and meaning are now breaking apart and re-calibrating.
This looks like a convergence of technology being wielded by large networks of legacy powers attempting to net us into a metadata web where we are tracked and managed locally.

It also looks like a set of new tools that we can each wield; currency and voice freedom are on offer. How do we navigate this and attempt to find any energy when the mediation and narrative around us are thick with deceit and total algorithmically tailored mesmerizing lunacy.

It is harder for people who grew up on TV, but we all found safety in the journalism and voices of the MSM as a way to spell our lives into sense. Of course, most writers and media conjurers do so in good faith! This is not the issue because our perception of power, binary politics, and meaning is being woven through a semiotic funnel of the ontological premise that runs counter to the spiritual paradigm!

This can no longer hold up as we are now forced to FEEL our senses in new ways. As the old ship sinks, we are in the water, cold and shocked! But the water is our friend, and our bodies can heat up and fly. We must train the inner technology that does not require outer collective narrations and low level spellbinding to generate a path.

In the short term, the timelines emerging are a technocratic hegemony where we will acquiesce to top-down controls vs a new toolset, including the sovereignty afforded by web 3.0 being built on the block chain and the social initiatives it allows.

Midterm, we see the cyborging of our body with crisper tech, cloning, and polluted DNA through various medial interventions that include interfacing with our consciousness until we are totally dislodged from elemental reality in the organic realm vs.

...The inner technology of self-evolution offering us a window to our celestial heritage as spiritual beings whos own energy and wisdom supply interstellar/interdimensional travel, the comradery of the many beings who have gone before us, and ecological stewardship that is easy to access as it emerges from our intuitive knowing mind and morphogenic resonate wisdom we access from our planetary heritage.

Long term - we can be parasitic colonizers of mental space and physical space, OR by going within- instantly upgraded into a civilization that uses phase 2 and 3 solar awareness to harness the plasma spectrum and move about the ether with total freedom, life to life body to body without a view of the immortality of the gross body thus become celestial guardians and eternal spirit separate and unified at once. Free and never alone.

Josh Reichmann


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